Euro does not imply productive convergence (The)

Chapitre 1 in Structural Change, Competitiveness and Industrial Policy: Painful , Lessons from the European Periphery [Format Kindle], Sous la direction de Aurora A. C. Teixeira, Ester Silva and Ricardo Mamede, Routledge, 2014

Is more equality possible in Latin America? A challenge in a World of contrasted but interdependent inequality regimes

Working Paper n° 67, 2014, Working Paper Series,, Freie Universität,              Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut, Berlin.

Où va l’Union européenne? Sept scénarios pour l’avenir de l’Union européenne



L’économie politique, n° 61, janvier 2014, p. 54-67.

Euro Crisis and European Political Economy (the): France, Germany and Central Europe

Ed. by Robert Boyer, Ivan T. Berend, and Kumiko Haba, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, 2013.

Euro crisis (the): undetected by conventional economics, favoured by nationally focused polity

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Cambridge Journal of Economics, 37, 2013, 533–569.



Preliminary Draft


Building a Supranational Institution in Times of Liberalization: An Interpretation of the EU Crisis

BOYERSASEbuildingEU27062013 (6.1 MiB)

SASE Conférence « States in Crisis » Universita degli Studi di Milano, 27-29 June 2013

Networ B: Globalization and Socio-Economic Development , Thursday 27 June  2013

Overcoming the institutional mismatch of the Euro and EU

BOYERovercomingEU27062013short (5.8 MiB)

Présentation Power point au « 20th International Conference of Europeanists » : Crisis and Contingency: States of (In)stability, Amsterdam, The Netherlands • June 25-27, 2013

Institutional and Political Crisis of the European Union and Some Ways for Overcoming It (the)



Perspective on Europe, Vol. 43, n° 1, Spring 2013, p. 64-71

Succès et résilience de l’industrie allemande

Les cahiers du Lasaire, « susciter une nouvelle ambition industrielle pour la France », n° 42, mars 2011, p. 25-52.

Integracion productive y financiera en la Union Europea. De la sinergia al conflicto


Puente@Europa, Dinamicas productivas de la integración: comercio, moneda, trabajo e industria, Ano VIII, n° 1, Abril 2010, p. 31-47.

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