Foreword: From ‘Japonophilia’ to indifference? Three decades of research on contemporary Japan

In The Great Transformation of Japanese Capitalism, Edited by Sébastien Lechevalier (translated by J.A.A. Stockwin), Routledge, London and New Yorkn 2014

IC, the Achilles Heel of Accounting and Macroeconomics

RBJP 2013 SASE (1.2 MiB)

Avec James Perry, Texte servant de base à la SASE Conférence « States in Crisis » Universita degli Studi di Milano, 27-29 June 2013

Network P: Accounting, Economics and Law, Saturday 29 June  2013 (with James Perry)

Bringing Asia into the Comparative Approach

BoyerSASESEBringingAsia28062013 (7.1 MiB)

SASE Conférence « States in Crisis » Universita degli Studi di Milano, 27-29 June 2013

Network : Featured Panel, Friday 28 June  2013


The quest for theoretical foundations of Socio-economics: Epistemology, Methodology or Ontology?


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Pierre Bourdieu, a Theorician of Change? The View from Régulation Theory


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Press, 2008, p. 348-397

Comment changent les modes de régulation sectoriels

Postface à l’ouvrage de Gilles Laferté : L’image de la Bourgogne et de ses vins : Le contrôle politique et culturel du marché, Albin Michel, Paris, 2006, p. 251-262.

Promoting learning in the enterprise: the lessons of international

OECD-KRIVET (2004): Adult learning policies and practices. Proceedings of a joint OECD-KRIVET International Conference, p. 181-224

Le « modèle japonais » revisité »


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The intricacies of life long learning

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The embedded innovation systems of Germany and Japan : Distinctive features and futures


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